“Clear Seal” Sealant Removal

I attempted to assemble the Totally Featureless Clock’s case using Liquid Nails Clear Seal, figuring that it’d be easier to fixture than runny epoxy. I hoped that the joints would have enough surface area to allow curing, but was dead wrong.

Hope is not a strategy and proper fixturing is your friend.

Anyhow, I was left with eight surfaces on four dislocated panels covered with more-or-less cured sealant. I left ’em sit for a few days, then had to choose between:

  • Remove enough of the sealant to make the joints fit or
  • Machine new panels

Turns out that xylene (from my can of Goof-Off) removes cured Liquid Nails Clear Seal just fine, without affecting the surface of the acrylic panel. Soak the corner of a rag, rub vigorously, and the gunk comes right off.

Note, however, that Goof-Off comes in many different formulations. The one I have is mostly xylene, but the California “VOC Compliant” version is mostly acetone… which, I think, eats acrylic plastic for lunch.

All of that stuff eats your liver for lunch, too.

Don’t do like I did and use your bare finger in the rag. Alas, any solvent that actually works also eats any protective glove in my inventory for lunch.