Sherline: Milling a Too-long Rabbet

This is pretty much the same general idea and setup as the one I described there, but with the panel flat against the tooling plate.

Milling rabbet on top panel
Milling rabbet on top panel

The cutter sits at the far right end of its maximum travel. I made the rabbet in three manual CNC passes.

To set up for the rest of the cut:

  • G0 X-4.25 to clear the left end of the panel
  • Loosen the three clamps, slide the panel leftward
  • Push the panel against the brass tubes
  • Tighten the clamps

And away we go…

Complete rabbet
Complete rabbet

One disadvantage: you can’t do a final finishing pass along the entire length of the cut. There are tool marks at the stopping point, but nothing really objectionable on the back of a clock where a panel will cover the rather ugly guts.

The brass tube “locating pins” work surprisingly well.

About 2000 rpm with 3/8 inch end mill. Cut 1/8 inch wide and 0.25 inch deep @ 10 ipm in three passes. Finish pass 15 ipm at 0.257 deep to make it pretty.