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Pupa from Thailand

Banana stand pupal case

Banana stand pupal case

As part of the Great Kitchen Cleaning, I was charged with replacing a missing foot on the banana gallows we received as a gift many years ago. I found a tiny hole in the bottom that we’d never noticed before, most likely because we mistook it for an ink dot or an imperfection in the wood.

The spot seemed to have something inside and a pass under the microscope showed the remains of a pupal case. I pried it out, destroying it in the process. The insect was, of course, long gone.

Those are millimeter ticks on the scale along the top edge, so the hole is the better part of 1.5 mm in diameter. Perfectly round, of course, as only an insect programmed to drill holes can produce.

The hole was 8 mm deep (likely deeper before the wood was planed), so the bug was qualified for gun drilling!

The stand is marked “Made in Thailand”, but who knows where the wood came from or where it’s been? We’ve had the stand for many years now, but I’m pretty sure the critter was in there when we got it.