WWVB: 7 dB More Modulation!

I read a whole stack of NIST doc on the WWVB transmitter & time code format last year, figuring out how to build a WWVB simulator and then the Totally Featureless Clock. The Circuit Cellar article on the simulator just appeared in print and a reader gave me a heads-up: the transmitter power now drops 17 dB during the low-power part of the PWM pulse.

The relevant doc is there.

How could I miss it? Well, all the doc is quite old and the change happened in 2006…

Fairly obviously, the C-Max WWVB receiver I’m using doesn’t have the mojo to track the signal during the day, no matter how fancy the modulation. Those pulses, the low-power part of the signal, just aren’t present amid all the other noise!

Also of interest: the WWVB transmitter has been running at half-power during the daylight hours since September 2009 while they do antenna maintenance. That’s supposed to be finished right about now, so the signal should be 3 dB better. I’ve got a nearly continuous record of the last month or so, which means a comparison will be in order after a few weeks.

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