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More WWVB 3D Glitchiness

The next day of WWVB Glitchiness, with the “!” limit characters changed to “|” to move them above the plot where they belong… which really doesn’t make that much difference.

Gnuplot Glitchiness 2

Gnuplot Glitchiness 2

It’s worth mentioning that the WWVB transmitter is running in degraded mode during the day, down 3 dB, while they work on the antenna system. It probably doesn’t make much difference, given the noise around here, but you can see a definite jump as the frame marker pulses pop up off the floor.

The clock synched with WWVB nine times during the Valley of the Shadow of Night. Each synch requires four consecutive glitch-free minutes, which obviously doesn’t happen during daylight hours.

That’s with the antenna perched 3 cm over the top of the clock, aligned with the circuit board: the hardware seems quiet enough.

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