Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic: Static IP FAIL

Once again, it seems to be impossible to set a static IP address in the Latest & Greatest version of Kubuntu… with KDE 4.whatever, the triumph of glitz over usability.

This seems peculiar, as Unix-oid operating systems have networking built into their DNA since the beginning and every single Unix-oid system has a network connection of some sort. Evidently, all Ubuntu systems for the last couple of years have had only wireless NICs and nobody in their whole obscene-gerund testing universe has ever tried to set a static IP address.

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it does look that way.

The fix is the same as in 8.10… as described there.

This time, use KPackageKit (aka, the KDE package manager) to remove network-manager & plasma-widget-network-manager. Evidently, the Gnome version is pooched, too.