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Printing from QCAD in Xubuntu

Went to print up a bunch of cards & pocket stationery again. Alas, QCAD wasn’t showing any of the printers. The obligatory search unearthed a discussion that solved some of the problem. The hack:

sudo ln -s /var/run/cups/printcap /etc/printcap

That’s recommended for KDE printing in Gnome, which is close enough to the situation: a QT app in Xubuntu. Maybe that’s solved in 9.10; I’m still using 8.10.

The print dialog now shows all three CUPS printers on the file server downstairs.

Can’t select Borderless paper, which means the crop lines don’t all appear.

The Copies field doesn’t work: only one copy prints. That’s not a killer flaw, but it’s annoying when you need half a dozen copies of the biz card sheet.

But it’s close enough for something I do once in a blue moon.

Why print biz cards? One year they changed our house number and street name, changed the street name back, changed the area code, and then tweaked the ZIP code. I swore a mighty oath on the bones of my ancestors to never ever buy a commercial card again.

Memo to Self: Trim the stationery in this order…

  • vertical edges
  • horizontal edges
  • vertical cuts
  • horizontal cut

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