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WWVB Reception Quality: Time From Last Synch

It occurred to me that a better measure of the WWVB reception quality is the time since the last synch, because that measures the number of consecutive glitch-free minutes, which is a number that’s very difficult to pick out of the Glitchiness vs Time plots.

A synch occurs only after four consecutive glitch-free frames, with the last three differing only by having properly incrementing minutes based on the first synch. That eliminates successive frames that span hours, as the minutes don’t increment properly from 59 to 00.

This is the number of minutes since the most recent synch, versus the number of elapsed minutes, for a 24-hour period starting at UTC 0257 on 25 Dec 2009 (9:57 EST Christmas Eve 2009).

Synch Age - 24 hrs - 2009-12-24

Synch Age - 24 hrs - 2009-12-24

Here’s the spline-smoothed Glitchiness graph I put up yesterday for comparison:

Glitchiness - splines - 24 hrs - 2009-12-24

Glitchiness - splines - 24 hrs - 2009-12-24

An eyeballometric comparison shows my conclusion that synchs happen at the downward spikes in that plot is totally bogus.

Memo to Self: If you haven’t graphed it, it’s not science yet.

Useful Bash command:

grep Age WWVB_2009-12-24a.log | cut -d '=' -f 3 > Age.txt

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