Blog Impulse Response and Summary

Two recent postings were mentioned on blogs with much higher readership than mine, which provides an opportunity to measure the impulse response of the blog to an external simulus.

Views Per Day - Dec 2009
Views Per Day - Dec 2009

The first peak comes from the Make magazine blog: they liked the trick of holding screws in slit nuts for trimming and finishing.

The second is from they loved the Alpha-Geek Clock, although they linked to the inside circuitry.

It looks like an external blog mention is good for 50 to 60 hours of fame. After that, the search engines take over again.

You can tell nearly everybody arrives here from search engines, because the monthly view increases slightly more than linearly with the number of posts.

Monthly Views - 2009
Monthly Views - 2009

I’d love to believe that’s the start of exponential growth, but that’s just not going to happen!

Speaking of search engines, here are the top terms…

Search Terms
All Time
Search Views
arduino pwm frequency 235
milling 223
arduino pwm 212
transformer model 99
bellows 94
staghorn beetle 87
triple alert redemption 83
chain catcher 81
sherline 79
arduino command line 79
arduino fast pwm 66
cold solder joint 66
sherline mill 56
hd44780 arduino 50
cold solder 50
cold solder joints 47
sherline projects 46
magnetizer 44
avid rollamajig 43
triple alert 43

Obviously, Arduino, electronics, and machine-shop topics are hot.

Who would have imagined, however, that so many people search the Internet to find pix of staghorn beetles? As of right now, though, Google gives my post two of the four image results and puts it on the first page. Evidently I give good writeup. Now, if only I were selling something, huh?

The most-viewed pages…

Top Posts
All Time
Title Views
Alpha-Geek Clock 1836
Changing the Arduino PWM Frequency 1324
Arduino Command Line Programming: Avrdud 931
Sherline Mill Counterweight Gantry 928
Finding Transformer Pi Model Parameters 851
Arduino Hardware-assisted SPI: Synchrono 850
Arduino Fast PWM: Faster 740
Dell GX270 Auto-On Power Setting 659
Arduino LiquidCrystal Library vs Old HD4 623
Cold & Fractured Solder Joints 493
Kubuntu Remote Desktop via SSH Tunnel 473
Sunglasses Repair: Half a Hinge Is Bette 420
Sherline Bellows Covers The Cheap Way 380
Laser Alignment for the Sherline Mill 364
Recumbent Bicycle Amateur Radio Antenna 341
Arduino Push-Pull PWM 336
Tektronix 492 Spectrum Analyzer Backplan 335
Experian Triple-Alert Signup: FAIL 312
Holding Machine Screws for Trimming 309
Silver-soldered Bandsaw Blade Joint 307

The Alpha-Geek Clock isn’t representative, due to the sudden peak that slapped it to the top of the list. It’s nice to know that folks are finding (and, presumably, using) the tech info that I put together.

A tip o’ the engineer’s cap to the two dozen of you who keep track of goings-on through the RSS feed. These posts are mostly for my own amusement and record-keeping, but I trust you find something useful every now and again.

A Happy New Year to one & all… and keep on building stuff in your shop!