R380 Printer Ink Consumption

Just refilled the continuous-flow ink tanks on my Epson R380 for the first time this year.

In milliliters:

  • Yellow 35
  • Light Magenta 40
  • Magenta 40
  • Light Cyan 40
  • Cyan 40
  • Black 50

Done in that order, the whole process requires only three syringe cleanings.

I haven’t checked lately, but the last time I worked it out, printer ink cost $1.80/ml. Let’s call it $2 nowadays, which means I just squirted nigh onto 500 bucks worth of ink into those tanks.

Much of that seems to go into head cleaning, as I don’t print that many photo-quality images on it. Nevertheless, they don’t charge you any less for ink that winds up in the diaper inside the printer.

I don’t keep track of the ink going into the refillable tanks on my Canon S630, but it’s the same order of magnitude. I have four trios of color tanks and six black tanks for that printer and refill them all when the last set runs low. I’ve been doing that for years with no printhead issues.

Sooo, for not spending a kilobuck a year on ink cartridges, I’m willing to spend 100 bucks for bulk ink, undergo some hassle, and endure the occasional oddly colored thumb…