Here’s Looking (Back) at You

Walkway Webcam on Railing
Walkway Webcam on Railing

There’s now There was a webcam [Update: dead link] watching the recently opened Walkway Over the Hudson, put on by the Dutchess County Tourism folks.

I couldn’t quite figure out where it was, though, because there aren’t any tall buildings or towers near the Walkway. The area used to be hard industrial, with plenty of smokestacks, but those days and those structures are long gone.

On a recent trip I parked the bike at the end of the chain-link fence on the north side of the bridge, eyeballed back five-and-a-half sections of fence on the south side, and spotted what I’d been missing.

The camera is a bit more than half a mile away, atop the Interfaith Towers building at 66 Washington St, on the northwest corner at Mansion Street. The Google overhead view isn’t up to date; the Walkway’s concrete decking is done and they’re tweaking some of the electrical work even as I type.

The camera’s gooseneck mount lets that loooong telephoto lens vibrate in high winds. When the webcam image looks broken up, new weather is on its way!

The picture is a crop from a larger image, with a bit of color correction and gamma tweakage.