Still More Alkaline Cell Corrosion

This is depressing …

Alkaline Cell Corrosion in Boom Box
Alkaline Cell Corrosion in Boom Box

We got a boom box so Mom could have background music; the Olde Family Tube Radio was far beyond its Best Used By date.

Prompted by recent events around here, I checked it on a recent visit and, yup, more corrosion. In all fairness, the cells suggest “Best If Installed By Jan 99”, so they’re well past their date, too.

This used to be a whole lot less of a problem when flashlights and radios (without clocks!) were the only things using “dry cells”: when the battery went dead, the thing didn’t work and you replaced the cells.

Nowadays, we expect alkaline cells to supply keep-alive trickle current for memory backup; even after the cell corrodes, it still supplies that tiny current and we never notice what’s happening inside.

I’m beginning to loathe alkaline cells just like I loathe the small internal combustion engines in yard equipment.