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Death of the Bake-A-Round

After nigh onto a year of twice-weekly baking, I finally managed to destroy our Pyrex Bake-A-Round tube, in exactly the manner I expected. Despite liberal buttering-up before inserting the dough, sometimes the bread sticks to the tube and requires a bit of probing with a long knife along the sides to release it. Given that the tube just came out of the oven, I’m holding it one-handed with a pad… it fell over onto the wood cutting-board counter.

The loaf inside is remarkably akin to a two-pound dead-blow hammer and, as you’d expect, the tube shattered like, uh, glass. Fortunately, I was belly-up to the counter and facing into a corner, so the fragments remained mostly in place.

Shattered Bake-A-Round tube

Shattered Bake-A-Round tube

What surprised me, though, was that (at least for this 30-year-old B-A-R tube) the glass wasn’t tempered. The fragments are long, thin, razor-sharp daggers.

Glass fragments

Glass fragments

Now we must get used to eating rectangular bread slices again…

In other good news, there weren’t many minuscule glass fragments on the loaf. I was surprised at how closely baked flax-seed meal resembles either chitin or glass, but a thorough scan with my headband magnifier and a bit of deft brushing cleared the loaf for consumption.

After some of the stuff I’ve eaten over the years, an errant glass chip or two isn’t going to do me a bit of harm. The ladies figured if I was willing to eat it, they couldn’t back down, so it’s all good.

(Top pic with flash, bottom without: it’s hard to take a picture of glass!)

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