Credit Card Privacy Choices

Just got a new credit card, which arrived with the usual “Privacy Policy” flyer describing how they’ll keep our sensitive bits safe & secure. Except, of course, that by default they’ll share those bits with nearly any organization that asks, if there’s even the least bit of money to be made in the process.

The flyer explains how we can tell them of our privacy choices. Oddly, in this Internet Age, none of the banks have figured out how to put our privacy policy choices on their websites. Maybe that would be entirely too efficient.

Anyhow, we’re supposed to either:

  • Pick up the phone to deal with their customer service apparat or
  • Pick up a pen, fill out a form, cut it out, and mail it to them

For our joint accounts, if I forget to say “And this also applies to my wife”, well, then they’re free to share her sensitive bits.

I’m sure they know that when they make “choosing” difficult enough, nobody will bother.

Ya think?

For the record:

  • Chase: press 0 to short-circuit the account info blather and get to a rep
  • Citi: press 6 for that purpose. Why not 0? Huh…

The Chase folks tell me this may require up to 90 days to take effect. Wow, do they fill out forms and hand-carry the paperwork to Galactic HQ for further transcription?

Memo to Self: Remember to tell the nice voice…

  • This applies to both account holders
  • Turn off all information sharing options
  • Turn off “convenience checks” (is anybody stupid enough to use those things?)
  • Turn off automatic credit line increases

This takes about four minutes for each account on a Sunday morning.