Recumbent Bicycle Amateur Radio Antenna Self-disassembly

Auto-unscrewed Antenna Mast
Auto-unscrewed Antenna Mast

Vibration is a real killer for bike-mounted hardware. The antenna mast on my bike has been unscrewing itself, despite my repeated attempts to tighten it. Fortunately, I’ve managed to notice the rattle before the mast falls off into traffic.

We’ll see if a dab of medium strength (blue) Loctite will do the job.

One thing to worry about: this is an electrical as well as a mechanical joint. I hope there’s still enough metal-to-metal contact to get RF energy to the radiating part of the whip!

[Update: Yup, works just like you’d expect. Problem solved.]

The antennas on the other two bikes have remained tight, so maybe it’s just that my riding style generates more vibration? Hard to imagine; it’s not like I venture off-road.

More details on the homebrew mount are there and how commercial mounts fail are there.

The unsightly masking tape wrap is where I attached a reflector for a (rare) after-dark ride a while ago. Making a set of bushings for the reflector clamps is a low-priority job in the queue right now.

[Update: Done!]