Tour Easy: Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Modifications

Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Improvements
Easy Reacher Underseat Rack Improvements

As mentioned there, I have a pair of ERRC’s Easy Reacher underseat packs. They’re supported by an Easy Reacher rack that’s specifically designed for Tour Easy bikes.

Perhaps because I carry dense stuff in the packs, they tend to flop side-to-side. I added a rear strut across the bike frame and a pair of lengthwise plastic (acrylic?) struts to stabilize the packs.

A pair of padded clamps holds the crosswise strut to the bike frame and a washer captures the rear fender’s mounting bracket.

Looks hideous, works fine.

The black tit hanging down from the strut clamp is a bit of heatshrink tubing that cushions the kickstand when it’s up; otherwise, it rattles against the stub end of the aluminum rod.

Yeah, the bike’s pretty grubby. I’d rather ride it than wash it… and, anyway, I follow my father’s advice: “If you have to move it to clean behind it, don’t move it!