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Hobo Data Logger: AA Battery Pack Hack

Hobo Battery Mod - Outside View

Hobo Battery Mod - Outside View

We have a bunch of Hobo Data Loggers recording various & sundry temperatures, humidities, and light levels around the house; as the saying goes, “If you observe something long enough, it turns into science.”

Normally the things run on single CR2032 lithium cells, which last for a good long time. However, Something Happened to the one that’s collecting groundwater temperatures at the water inlet pipe from the town supply: it started eating lithium cells like potato chips.

Hobo Battery Mod - Inside View

Hobo Battery Mod - Inside View

It was still producing good data, so I was loathe to toss it out. Instead, I figured all it needed was more battery, as a high current for a lithium cell doesn’t amount to much for an AA cell. A pair of alkaline AA cells produces just about exactly 3 V and the data logger can’t tell the difference.

So I opened the logger one last time, soldered the wires from a dual AA cell holder to the appropriate points on the circuit board, affixed the holder to the back with one of the case screws, and it’s been working fine ever since.

However, this seems like one more application where whatever plastic they thought would last doesn’t: the AA holders routinely split at the ends. Maybe the joint should be thicker, maybe it’s the wrong plastic for the job, but without the cable tie acting as a belly band one end of the holder splits off in a year or so. Bah!

Update: Maybe I got a batch of bad CR2032 cells, as the logger’s current seems to be just about right. Read the comments and then check the followup there.