Pressure-washing the Gas Grill: Mind the Overspray

The instructions for our Weber gas grill would have us lavish more care on it than we do on our car, which isn’t actually saying much. Nonetheless, once a year I gotta clean the crud out, whether it needs it or not, because not even I believe heat kills that stuff.

Used to be, that was a thoroughly disgusting job of hand-scraping carbonized gunk and scrubbing gooey muck in cramped quarters. Having acquired a pressure washer, cleaning the grill is almost enough fun that I might do it more often. It even gets the mildew (or whatever that schmutz might be) off the wood handles & platforms, which I would have bet was impossible.

Pressure washer side effects
Pressure washer side effects

However, if you’re even a teensy bit fussier than we are about the looks of your castle, you might want to not lay the grates & “flavorizer bars” on the driveway to blast ’em clean. Turns out that the overspray strips the grunge right out of the top layer of asphalt, leaving a white trail behind.

Looks a lot like those Nasca peteroglyphs, doesn’t it?

The pressure washer does a great job on the white resin plastic chairs, too, which go from really grubby to chalk-white in one pass.

Can’t imagine how I got along without it…

Memo to Self: Next time, use the sawhorses.