Wooly Bear Caterpillar

This gizmo appeared in one of Mary’s garden containers and, as is their custom, curled up tight and stayed that way when she picked it up.

Wooly Bears generally have a central brown band, but all-black isn’t unusual. I hadn’t known about the orange bands across the back between the body segments.

Those spiny hairs are so stiff and it weighs so little that it skitters around on the desk at the slightest touch, all without moving a muscle…

Find out more about Wooly Bears there or by searching on the obvious keywords.

We put it back in the garden where it can turn into a moth and produce more Wooly Bears to delight children of all ages.

Photography note: exposing a dead-black spiny thing against a woodgrain desktop is basically impossible. The desktop is grossly overexposed so the Wooly Bear details come out more-or-less visible. Ugly, but you get the idea.