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Homebrew V-750 Dosimeter Charger Pedestal: Outer Shell

Finished charging pedestal

Finished charging pedestal

This is a chunk of EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) with 4-40 clearance holes that attach it to the panel mounting bolt, hold the base disk in place, and keep the central contact assembly from rotating. The overall view gives you a good idea what’s involved.

The nominal EMT size is 3/4″, which (of course) means the ID is about 0.8″ and the OD is a bit over 0.9″. There’s a weld seam running the length of the tube that I cleaned up on the lathe, so the actual ID is slightly enlarged. While it’s in the lathe, face off both ends to whatever length suits the spring you’ll eventually use.

There’s nothing tricky about this, other than getting the three holes on each end lined up properly with their mating parts. Once again, manual CNC comes in handy: grab it in the 3-jaw on the rotary table, use G81 to drill the hole and G0 A120 and G0 A240 to index the locations. Make sure you retract the drill bit far enough to clear the chuck jaws!

The two sets of holes need not be perfectly aligned with each other.

Milling rotation stop slot in shell

Milling rotation stop slot in shell

The photo shows that I milled the rotation stop slot after drilling the holes. It’d be easier to do that without removing the cylinder from the chuck, but this was one of those incremental designs where I was checking the fit as I built it.

The slot should be long enough to allow the contact assembly to slide almost completely into the pedestal. That prevents you from crunching the dosimeter’s innards when you’re pressing it down on the spring.

The clearance from tool holder to chuck isn’t all that large; you might want to put the slot at the far end of the cylinder… but then I’d have to conjure up a pipe center for the Sherline tailstock and figure out how to mount it high enough to match the rotary table’s axis.


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