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What I Did At The Trinity Robotics Contest

Dressing the Granny Doll

Dressing the Granny Doll

Back from a weekend in Hartford, doing Useful Things in support of the 15th Annual Trinity College Firefighting Home Robot Contest.

In case you were wondering what goes on backstage at an event like that, here’s the truth: I play with dolls…

The Granny Doll was part of the Assistive Robotics contest: the robot had to locate a dish of food and carry it from a refrigerator to a table. She acted as an obstacle in the middle of the room; I had just finished duct-taping the stand to her rump in preparation for the practice runs on Saturday.

As it turned out, her overcoat consisted of cloth that rendered her invisible to the robots: the poor dear got run over, smacked aside, and pushed around.

Next year the scoring system will include Elder Abuse penalty points!

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