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CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger Manual

V-750 Model 5b Manual Cover

V-750 Model 5b Manual Cover

My V-750 dosimeter charger came with two (!) copies of the manual and the modification instructions (stamped JUN–1965) for adding the anti-kick capacitor.

The paperwork didn’t fare quite as well as the metal-cased charger, sporting far more mildew on the pages than I want on my shelves.

I cut the worst-looking copy right down the middle, scanned it with some attention to detail, and now there’s a nice version that looks just as bad but lacks the mildew.


CD V-750 Model 5b Radiological Dosimeter Charger Operating and Maintenance Manual with Modification Instruction Sheet

If you’re really clever, you can figure out how to sequence the sheets and print them duplexed so they appear back-to-back, then bind them into a booklet just like the original. There’s a copy of a blank inside cover, too, so you can wrap your booklet in a nice Civil Defense Yellow cover.

The schematic shows what real engineers could do, back in the days when transistors came individually packaged with a ten-dollar price tag: 1.5 volts in, 200+ volts out, one transistor. Of course, they paid attention to their transformer lessons.

V-750 Dosimeter Charger Schematic

V-750 Dosimeter Charger Schematic


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