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Geek Accessories: Cases Therefore

Mary made me several presents early this year: a new belt pack, a camera case for the Canon SX230HS, and a touchup for the Zire 71 case:

Belt pack - camera case - PDA case

Belt pack - camera case - PDA case

The belt pack has an interior lining with many side pockets for the stuff I deem essential; it’s also large enough to hold both the camera and the PDA when I’m out biking around. The camera case includes a pocket nestling a battery against the camera’s front side, beside the lens cap. The Zire case, well, at some point I suppose I’ll be forced to get a phone, but, until then, this will suffice.

They’re all made from coated pack cloth, not that I expect to dunk myself in water (or that it’d do any good), but it seems to never wear out.


(And, yes, it probably should be “Therefor”, but …)

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